~*~Candice~*~ (candybarsodapop) wrote in idol_challenge,

Sorry guys

Sorry I haven't been around to update. My comp/internet hates me.

Anyway this weeks challenge is pretty simple.

Make me a new Challenge Header..ya..that's right ;) You can use any pics of anybody who has ever been on Idol EVER. Try to do more than just one person, and incorporate Canadian AND American Idol!! PLEASE!!! Don't just do one or the other.

Also...dimensions must be 600X400 or bigger. hmmm what else...somewhere on it, Idol Challenge must be written. I'd like it to be prominent...since it is the Challenge header.

You have quite a while to do this. I'll post a reminder around Saturday...but if you guys are quick...get the entries in by Sunday and I'll post voting!

Any questions feel free to ask.
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