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Challenge 11

Challenge 11 Already! Amazing!!

So for this weeks challenge, I'm going to get back into going down the line of placements.

This week is the third place competitors!! I did download a bunch of pictures, but only like..2 of them were high quality. SO I'm going to give you the option of finding your own. BUT if you can't find any, and you don't mind not using high quality pics, leave a msg here, and I'll post a pic of the person you are looking for.

Here are the people you can make icons of:

Nikki McKibbin
Kimberley Locke
Jasmine Trias
Vonzell Solomon
Billy Klippert
Jacob Hoggard (if you don't know who he is..look him up..the amount of sexiness...is..just..AH so good AND HIS BAND!!! www.hedleyonline.com GO NOW lol)
Aaron Walpole

same rules apply.

-- 2 icons MAX (different person per icon)
-- blending yes, animation no
-- text is optional
-- due Saturday November 26
-- # of entries = 8
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